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Obscure Colors “Total Eclipse of the Sun”

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Released February 5, 2021, this is the first of three albums that began recording in the spring/summer of 2020. Ambient, drone, loops. A pivot from the first Obscure Colors album, but one that the circumstances required.

No one to directly blame for any of this except Rian Turner.


  • Upturned Porcelaine Heads of Detached Children
  • Photographic Evidence of the Future
  • Shots of Wolf
  • Dizzy Down
  • The Impending Threat of Autonomous Arms
  • Twin Keys to Random Doors
  • Things Used to Look Different
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Non-Immediate Bellic
  • Glassy Memories of the Forgotten
  • Abrupt Soundtrack to a Red Night in the Dark
  • Finding Blurry Ways
  • Reasons to Rejoice

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