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Guest Directors “Our Last Christmas Time”/”Laser Hands (Turner’s Version)” single

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Guest Directors are back, less than two months from the release of their LP Interference Patterns, with a black solstice ballad for the holidays. Our Last Christmas Time is a breakup song in a Christmas setting, both melancholy and liberating.

The “B-side” is an extended version of the LP track Laser Hands, with a two-and-a-half-minute noise jam coda.

Recorded by Robert Cheek at Studio Unknown in Anacortes, WA and ExEx Audio in Fremont, WA

Auxiliary percussion recorded by Aileen Paron at Derring-Do Music

Mixed by Robert Cheek at ExEx Audio

Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Broyhill Masters

Produced by Guest Directors and Robert Cheek

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