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Guest Directors “Interference Patterns”

Available now at Bandcamp.

Like a broken mirror, Seattle’s Guest Directors reflect a multitude of emotional and musical pathways. On their new LP, Interference Patterns, the songs spiral one after another – sometimes powerful and sometimes delicate. They can sound like snowflakes and hail storms, sometimes in the same song.

Interference Patterns features nine songs curated from the entire lifespan of the band, including one of the very first songs they ever wrote, as well as a song they practically wrote in the studio. The bulk of it was recorded at a beautiful, old church in Anacortes, WA, and the details were finished up within a stone’s throw of a certain famous troll.

Recorded by Robert Cheek at Studio Unknown in Anacortes, WA and ExEx Audio in Fremont, WA

Auxiliary percussion recorded by Aileen Paron at Derring-Do Music

Mixed by Robert Cheek at ExEx Audio

Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Broyhill Masters

Produced by Guest Directors and Robert Cheek

1. From This Distance
2. Perfect Picture
3. Raise a Glass
4. Blackout Dream Blues
5. Skinless
6. Nico
7. Laser Hands
8. Stare It Down
9. You’ll Never Know

Released September 22, 2023

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