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Guest Directors “Captured in the Light” EP

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Seattle’s Guest Directors second EP, “Captured in the Light”. Listen here:

TBTCI saysAn absolutely inspirational guitars work, which picks up references in 80’s icons, read: Johnny Marr and Will Sergeant, combined with the experimental quality of Sonic Youth.

Captured in the Light has exactly these two focal angles, the melody and the distortion confront each other in the four sound pearls.

The Guest Directors are literally a direct descendant of the guitar bands of the 90’s, and with a plus, it succeeds in absorbing other elements sounding absolutely modern.

NWMS says: “… another fantastic EP...”

Nada Mucho says: “… songs that alternately shimmer and hammer. These are songs that are perfect to score a rainy bus ride, or a day of introspection, but they absolutely explode live. Of all the bands exploring shoegaze in Seattle, Guest Directors are perhaps the best at getting the balance of mood and power right.


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